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Apple Blossom Flower Fairy

Beautiful light and soft Apple Blossom Flower Fairy, brightens our gardens in the spring. A perfect gift for a friend relative. 

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£ 10.00

The Apple Blossom Flower Fairy is crafted from a palatte of delicate pinks and white,  with crisp apple  green wings. She has long pollen blond hair adorned with a braid. Apple Blossom carries a magical wish bottle which she uses to sprinkle the magic on the flowers to make the apples sweet.

Each needle felted Fairy Angel is unique, handcrafted from super soft merino wool with posable arms each is approx. 8" tall and supplied with an invisible hanging thread, perfect for hanging on a tree, in a window or suspending above a festive display.

Made in the heart of Nottinghamshire.