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Children's Gifts

We bring you a range of amazing children's gadgets, fascinating toys, cool gifts and educational kits, all...

We bring you a range of amazing children's gadgets, fascinating toys, cool gifts and educational kits, all developed to encourage exploration, discovery and fun.



  • Science Kits and Educational Toys.

    Learning should be fun! We have educational toys and amazing science sets, including the lab in a bag range, safe cool fun experiments to do at home. Help your child to play and learn with these great educatioal gifts, they will have so much fun they will want to learn more. 

  • Children's Wooden Height Chart

    Wooden children's height charts make a lovely gift. How tall am I Mummy? Am I as big as you Daddy? Does this sound familiar? Do you remember being measured against the door? The likelihood is that those old records have vanished...
    Now you can chart your child's progress with a bit of fun thrown in for good measure! Our eye catching wooden animal and character height charts are a life long gift and an attractive addition to any nursery. 

    An ideal gift for new births, Christenings, Birthdays and Christmas......and it certainly will not be forgotten about at the bottom of the toy box.

  • Children's Clocks

    Children love having a clock in their room even before they can tell the time. We have a fantastic range of clocks for children including children's wall clocks and character alarm clocks.

  • Rag Dolls

    Adorable soft rag dolls. Suitable from birth making them ideal first dolls, they feature removable cloths.

  • Dinosaur gifts

    Dinosaur gifts are great for children of all ages who are fasinated by the exinct reptiles that roamed our land. We have dinosaur gifts to suit all ages and budgets.

  • Zipbins

    What happens when a storage bin unzips to become an imaginary world for kids? Or a place where they can play, relax or create? What happens when you can put it all away in a zip? Playtime is fun, imaginative and clever. Things seem easy, organized and together. Your life has been Zip-lified! 

    ZipBin products are "A New Way to Play ... and Put Things Away. See our designs for kids and for home and recreation by clicking on the products above. 

    Playscape bins convert back and forth from storage form to activity/play mat. Play Sets include Playscape bins plus toys. Creative Kits include work/play surfaces that convert back and forth between activity and portable storage. All ZipBin products fold flat and fit into their lid for compact storage."

  • Wooden Dressy Drawers and Trinket Boxes

    Wooden Drawers and Trinket Boxes
    We all like places to store our precious bits and bobs. These wooden trinket boxes and drawer sets are just the job. No picture can do the dressy drawers justice, they have proved to be extremely popular not only with children but with teenagers too. They are fun, brightly coloured and completely original.

  • Wooden Children's Gifts

    These are high quality gifts that will last, Money boxes, mobiles, trainn whistles, things we remember and love. They don't need batteries either.